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We have been in the manufacturing sector for over 6 years now. It has been a long journey where we learnt a lot and since we now have the best people to work with, the right kind of machinery to meet all demands and the right kind of environment and infrastructure to beat the best in business, therefore we are stepping one step ahead; introducing our own brand. Ranging anything from jujitsu Gis to boxing gloves, we provide the customization you are looking for. We provide the customized fabric which is easy to wear, antibacterial, light weight, pre shrunk and anti-odor. Since we have the knack for this field we know exactly what the customers are looking for.

So it’s time for you to sit back and order at the convenience of your home, so that we can entertain you with our best quality items. It wasn’t an easy task to jump in the market with lower than normal rates without compromising quality. To bigger goals and better lifestyle

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